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Looking Back: Honoring 25 Years of Artist of the Year


The Schack Art Center is celebrating 25 years of artists they have selected as Snohomish County Artist of the Year.  I was honored with the title in 1998.  Wow, 20 years ago.  Time flies and here I am still painting away creating new works that are much different from 1998 and some similar.  I am continually inspired by my surroundings and fellow artists.  I will never retire from this fun, challenging and rewarding career I have traveled down over thirty years now.  Thank you for being a part of the journey.


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Birthday Girl


I celebrated my birthday recently and thought about how I might approach the new year with new work.  I am happy with my new series of Mission churches and the children cowboys and girls but am thinking about expanding their look.  I am in WA state right now, under dark cloudy rainy skies so makes for good contemplation.  My studio on Canyon Road is the place where I want to work right now under blue open skies with clouds lazily floating by.  The two states call for their unique versions to be painted in different ways.


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