Hello Dog


This collection of dog portraits I painted several years ago and first was selling them one by one.  I decided I liked the whole group together so now they are for sale as one piece.  Dogs have always inspired me with the variety of breeds and their loving antics.  I don't have a dog anymore but am the happy 'grandma' to three funny dogs.


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Year end Sale


I have decided to have a Year-end sale of 25% off, but I still need to add tax and shipping if needed.  I have a lot of work as you can see and would love it for them to find their homes.  Send me a note if you find something you want.  Happy Holidays and here's to a wonderful upcoming New Year 2020!!!! Cheri


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Snow is falling, winter is almost here


I find myself humming Christmas carols in the store, the car, my house pretty much everywhere, anytime.  The snow has already fallen a few times in Santa Fe, NM and I hope we get some in Everett too.  Such a lovely sight, and it always, every year inspires me to create a new snow painting.  Happy Holidays to you all!


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Autumn is here, the leaves are changing and so am I.  Time to reassess my ideas, my plans, my self and on.  What is the most important thing?  As an artist, I find that if I don't paint I don't feel well and I haven't been doing a lot of painting lately.  Time for a change, time for something new, time for new ideas.


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Finishing up work in the studio


I had this oil painting on the easel for over a year maybe two, just waiting for me to put the finishing touches on it.  Done.  At last.  The picture here is a similar piece so I will get the new old one photographed and put it on my website.  Sometimes things just take a little bit longer than planned.  Oh well, I always finish what I start however.


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Leaving my space


I have decided to give up my sweet little productive spot on Canyon Road ending June 30th.  I have had a wonderful time here, meeting new people from all over the world, creating new works of art, making new friends.  But, it is time to move on.  I have my work in 3 places here in Santa Fe, NM and also in Everett WA and I am not moving away from either place, just taking a breather from a set studio.  So, in that regard, I am offering everything at 20% off until June 30th.  Stop by!


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Why is it so hard to remember to write on the blog?


Ha, why is it so hard to write a blog?  Procrastination, forgetfulness, laziness?  What? I have on my list of several lists to write once a week, maybe I should shoot for every other week?  not every other month for sure?  Life is being lived, happiness, illness, business and every other ess?  Okay, lets see if I can hold to it.  Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. 


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Pets on Parade


Schack Art Center bi-annual Pets on Parade show opening Thursday March 7th running through April 12.  Stop by to see several older paintings of mine, I call them 'oldies but goodies' and 3 of my life-size busts papier mache sculptures.


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H'arts Auction


The Schack fundraiser called H'arts is Saturday February 23rd from 5-10pm.  I have donated to this auction for the past 30 years where I have made so many friends over the years and acquired new collectors.  There really is something to be said about being involved with local community and people.  My painting "Golden Nocturne II", was painting in Santa Fe, NM where I reside part time.  It will be interesting to see how it does in the live this year since it isn't a local scene.


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New Mexico Nocturne


As the New Mexico winter continues Tom and I have photographs and paintings with the moon as the featured point of interest.  Our work is different from each other but works well together.  Stop by our Santa Fe gallery for a look and gaze at the moon.


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