Cheri O'Brien Cheri O'Brien
Contemporary Narrative Folk Artist, Fine Art, Oil Painting and Sculpture



Education:            Everett Community College- AA Degree
                                                         in Arts & Sciences
                             EDGE Program, October 2007, Artist Trust
                             Independent Travel/Study- Europe, Mexico

Artist Residency:   Centrum, November 2002, Port Townsend
                                Laughing Horse Gallery, Taos NM

Public Art  Commissions:           

                    Snohomish County, 2016 $60,000 Evergreen State Fairgrounds 
                          WSAC 1% for Arts, 2012 $25,000 Silver Lake Elementary, 
                                 Everett WA
                              Community Transit, 2010 $27,000 SWIFT Bus Platforms
                             Community Transit, 2009 $110,000 SWIFT Bus Platforms, Sno                                          County WA
                             WSAC 1% for Arts, 2007 $25,000 North Hill Elementary, Des                                              Moines WA
                              Lowell Park Bench, 2008 $2700, City of Everett
                              Pigs on Parade, 2002 Pike Place Market Foundation, Seattle
                              King County, 2000, Seattle Metro Transit
                              Finalist, 2012 WSAC 1 % for Art, 3 projects
                              Finalist, 2002 Auburn Library Public Art Project

Collections:           Washington State Arts Commission, Thirteen Paintings
                              Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle
                              Cascade Valley Hospital, Arlington
                              Everett Cultural Commission
                              Pacific Coast Feather Company
                              Lombardi's Cucina, Everett
                              AAUW, Stanwood
                              Reg Keeland, translator for Steig Larson

Commissions:        Poster, Bainbridge in Bloom, 2011
                               Poster, Sorticulture 2007, Everett
                               Poster, Fresh Paint 2007, Everett
                               Poster, Seattle Mens Chorus, 1994-95, 2004
                               Book Cover, Washington State Almanac, Alaska NW Books, 1999
                               Puppeteria, Edmonds Public Library, 2006

Awards:                  Everett Mayor Awards for Excellence in the Arts, 2010
                               Cover of Daniel Smith Art Supplies Catalog, May 2005
                               Snohomish County Artist of the Year, 1998
                               Cover of the Northwest Artists & Poets Calendar, 1990

Selected Shows:    2022, 2021, 2020 Jaqueline Place, Santa Fe, NM
2019 Schack Art Center, Pets of Parade
John Rippel Gallery, Santa Fe NM 
2018 Schack Art Center, 25 Years of Artists of the Year
Smith/Vallee Gallery, Annual Bird Show, Edison

2017 Smith/Vallee Gallery, Annual Bird Show,Edison 

2016  Cowgirl Red, Madrid NM

2015  Schack Art Center, Everett
                                         Misfits Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

                                 2014 Matzke Fine Art Gallery, Camano Island
                                           Jeffrey Moose Gallery, Seattle
                                            La Posada De Santa Fe, NM
                                            Laughing Horse Gallery, Taos NM
                                2013 La Posada De Santa Fe, NM
                                         Simon Mace Gallery, Port Townsend
                                         Rob Shouten Gallery, Whidbey Island

                               2012 Matzke Fine Art, Camano Island
                                        Schack Art Center, Everett

                               2011  Matzke Fine Art, Camano Island   
                                         Edison Eye, Edison
                                         SAM Rental/Sales Gallery, Seattle
                                         Schack Art Center, Everett

                               2010  Rock/Dement Visual Art Space, Seattle
                                         Morris Graves Centennial Inspired Show curated by
                                         Charles Krafft, Chris Crites and Stephen Rock
                                         Jeffrey Moose Gallery, Seattle
                                         Smith/Vallee Gallery, Edison
                                         Matzke Fine Art, Camano Island

                               2009  Georgetown Tileworks, Seattle
                                         Arts Council of Snohomish County, Everett

                               2008   Karlson/Gray Gallery, Whidbey Island

                               2007   Dorothy S. O'Brien Cancer Center, Seattle
                               2006   Max Grover Gallery, Port Townsend
                                          Built Gallery, Everett

                               2005   Jeffrey Moose Gallery, Seattle
                                          Chase Gallery, Spokane

                                2004   Helen S Smith Gallery, Green River College       
                                            Lieutenant Governors Office, Olympia WA        

                                2003   Fountainhead Gallery, Seattle

                                2002   Fountainhead Gallery, Seattle

                                2001   Jeffrey Moose Gallery, Seattle

                                2000   Jeffrey Moose Gallery, Seattle

                                1999   Jeffrey Moose Gallery, Seattle
                                           Art Works for AIDS, NW Aids Foundation, Seattle

                                1998   Everett Center for the Arts- Solo Exhibit
                                                Honored as Snohomish County Artist of the Year

                                1997   Art in Education, Everett Center for the Arts
                                           Childers/Proctor Gallery

                                1996   Art That Works, NW Aids Foundation, Seattle
                                           For the Birds, Everett Center for the Arts

                                1995   Visionaries:Present & Future, Bumbershoot Arts Festival
                                            Dreams/Visions, SAM Rental/Sales Gallery, Seattle

                                1994   Water Visions, Everett Center for the Arts

                                1993    Artworks Gallery, Seattle

                                 1992   Every Picture Tells a Story, Artworks Gallery, Seattle

                                 1991   King County Arts Commission Gallery, Seattle

                                 1990   Never Before Funded, Bumbershoot, Seattle

                                 1989   Phinney Arts Gallery, Seattle

                                 1988   History of the World Gallery, Stanwood



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oil painting, acrylic painting, sculpture, public art, new mexico,  horses, landscape

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