Cheri O'Brien Cheri O'Brien
Contemporary Narrative Folk Artist, Fine Art, Oil Painting and Sculpture


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Thanks for the email Cheri!
-- Buzz, 12/14/23

Hi Cheri!! How are you, Rob, and the girls doing?? Thank you for sending this info to us! We would love to see you while you are here!
-- Blane & Donna O'brien, 2/6/21

I will always love your work Cheri!
-- Gail Cochrane, 1/1/20

I look at my painting, Mon Cherie, every day and it takes me right back to the many times I've gazed up at the Eiffel Tower. Thank you for making me smile every day when I see it.
-- Gayle Ossenkop-faubion, 1/19/19

Is there a gallery that has your work? I would love to see your work in person. I own "Jimmy" and want another painting.
-- Catherine Colson, 11/15/18

Love your creations, no matter where you are! Hope to get to Santa Fe one day...
-- Suzie Jones, 3/29/18

Hi old friend. Love my Cheri O'Brien Lowell Dyptic. Just walked there this afternoon. Watched a pair of eagles flush a flock of Snowgeese... looking for lunch.. love, love, love those paintings!!
-- Reg Akright , 3/23/18

Your paintings inspire the soul to play and smile all day long. Thank you for sharing your incredible talent. Your work is beautiful.
-- Luana Chilelli, 7/22/17

Love our painting bought...15 years ago?
-- Suzanne Jones, 6/6/17

Wonderful artist! Great person!
-- Brie Sansotta, 5/29/17

Hi Cheri from Jerry Raphael's sister. I loved the visit we had at your studio/home. Several of your prints brighten up our little bungalow.
-- Carol & Al Ostberg, 5/28/17

I just love browsing through your pictures. It was great to see you in Everett.
-- Gayle Ossenkop-faubion, 5/27/17

Hi Cheri, I bought "Slow Train Coming" and Dog Dream in Blue years ago and still treasure them; I've moved far from the Snohomish River valley; wonder if you have any paintings for sale, esp "Off the Leash" Best Regards!
-- Nncy Rockafellar, 4/24/17

Cheri - just spent some amount of time looking at your website, and even after all these years I am amazed at your range and the everlasting spark of your inspiration. Thanks for thinking outside the box and for bringing us joy!
-- Gail Cochrane, 7/17/16

What a great website Cheri! I have a woman interested in 'Little Bird, Big Voice III', I will email you once I hear back from her :)
-- Lucy Mae Martin, 3/23/16

Love your work! Really finely done with a painterly touch. Beautiful.
-- Joslyn Werner, 11/4/13

Cheri I just love "everything" that you are doing!!!~ I have now been following your art since I met you about 20 years ago and you never cease to amaze me!!~ Absolutely love the "Heading South Again" that you are bringing to the southwest!!~ Thank you for your artist to artist energy!!~
-- Sunny Normand, 10/24/13

Everyday I wake up to my 4 beloved O'brien paintings. I wouldn't trade them for the world. They bring so much joy to my life, and even better since I have so many shared memories with the artist growing up on Warren Street.
-- Linda Knight, 7/3/13

Loving as always to peruse your work and your website. You always bring a smile not only to my face but to my heart as well. Your work looks great in my new digs! Wishing I could make your opening, Take care!
-- Sherri Jones, 4/8/12

Oh Dear are still as brilliant and effervescent as the day I met you quite a few years ago. I have enjoyed following your work bring me up, up, up!! Have a great opening this April~ Love and cheer from New Mexico~ Sunny
-- Sunny Normand, 4/6/12

oil painting, acrylic painting, sculpture, public art, new mexico,  horses, landscape

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