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Love at First Sight


Love at First Sight
Having fun in Santa Fe, cowing around...I just can't seem to stop painting a funny picture now and then...perhaps this one is biographical, for those who know us...but that bull sure has an intent look on his face and she just says 'okay, whatever'...translated as 'moo, moo, moo'.


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New studio space


There is just nothing like getting a new studio space to work and show. It has all the possibilities of new adventures, new work, new people and just plain fun. My new space is in the Dragonstone Studios owned by George R.R. Martin. He is converting an old academy school into studio spaces for artists and other creative types. I am calling my tiny 8'x9' space "Wee Corazon Studio", a nod to my Scottish/Irish ancestry and the lovely Spanish town I reside in part time, Santa Fe.  Here's to new adventures!!


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Just perusing this again, do you mean THE George R.R. Martin of GOT? Cool I still love your works old and new! They make me happy.
-- Linda Knight, 6/24/15

Mui bueno, Cheri!
-- Marlene Blessing, 2/9/15

Sooo cool Cheri!! Congrats to you!!
-- Molly Butler, 2/9/15

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