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Oscar goes to England


This is Oscar, the Bionic Cat of England.  He was sleeping in the field one day when a combine came by and severed off his two back legs.  He was rushed to the vet, and then to a surgeon who replaced his missing legs with prosthetic legs.  A year ago, I was in a group show at Rock/Dement Visual Art Space for work inspired by the artist Morris Graves.  When I saw poor Oscar looking up at me from the newspaper I knew he would be my subject matter in the vein of Graves 'wounded bird' paintings.   Two weeks ago, I was contacted by one of the owners, Kate, who wanted to purchase my Oscar painting for her husband as a Christmas present.  Today, Oscar is on the airplane to the Channel Islands where he will happily reside with the real Oscar who is doing 'just fine' thank you.


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Honey, I Shrunk the Art


Old Blind Dog in Edinburgh
This little guy is inspired from a photograph I took in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1996.  I painted this piece for the Matzke Fine Art Gallery 21st Annual "Honey, I Shrunk the Art" show that I have participated in from the very beginning.  It is a fun group show of miniature works by Northwest artists.  The show opens Saturday November 19th 4:30-8:30pm and runs through January 28th, 2012!  If you haven't been to Karla's gallery yet, get in the car for a lovely drive to a beautiful destination.


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Creepy, sad, sweet and something else I can't put my finger on right now.Anyhow GREAT job.
-- Jenny Pearson Fillius, 11/15/11



After traveling to Santa Fe, D.C. and NYC it is time for reflection.  This painting is inspired by the little church called Santuario de Chimayo north of Santa Fe.  It is a pilgrimage site for those who need healing.  The little room off to the side of the main church has a hole in the ground where you can scoop up holy dirt to take home.  There are crutches, shoes, braces, photographs, poems and all sorts of mementos that people have left for those they are praying for.  It is a wonderful, spiritual place to be.  I don't usually create paintings like this one but sometimes they need to come forth.  Filling the well with holy dirt.  


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