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Santa Fe

Santa Nina
Today I'm packing my bags.  Tomorrow I leave for Santa Fe.  I'll be house sitting for a friend who lives in the wonderful Land of Enchantment.  Enchanting yes, so different from here in the Pacific Northwest.  I love the adobe homes, the blue sky, the food, and yes, all the art galleries.  This painting titled "Santa Nina" is an older piece from my saint series.  It's interesting, but every time I am in Santa Fe I feel like painting big again.  The open spaces and wild west feeling might have something to do with that.


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have been some remarkable and progressive new advances in sustainability for some of the facilities operating there.
-- Rayban, 9/21/11

I just got back from the Land of Enchantment / Ghost Ranch! Are you going to do some landscape painting there? Have fun and bring the sun back :)
-- Jennifer Frohwerk, 9/14/11

Have a great time. That place oozes art and good juju! Love this painting. I know I am totally flattering myself but it kinda looks like me. ;-)
-- Stacie Kentop, 9/13/11

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