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For Arlington Billboard

Into the Valley
The Arlington Downtown business Association commissioned me to create this painting for their collection and they plan on using it for a billboard that leads off of I-5 into Arlington.  They want to attract visitors to their wonderful little town and the Stillaguamish Valley.  It will be interesting to see how it looks enlarged like that and if anyone notices?   I like to look at billboards so I suppose other people do too...


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Can't wait to see it larger than life. It looks great here! Congrats!
-- Barb Hardman, 9/3/11

-- Robyn Bogardus, 9/2/11

It's gorgeous! Really beautiful. I will look for it, too. Where?
-- Julia Smith, 9/2/11

I will be looking :)
-- Janie Olsen, 9/2/11

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