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Just Checking


Just checking to see if this one links to facebook.  There seems to be no rhyme or reason to when or not it does.  I'm up to bar stool number 56 by the way!!


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i believe you are up to the guinness's record! (goes well with beer). you must have found a sesame seed that opened a cave with unlimited supply of the stools. i am so fascinated with the whole project
-- Lyussy Hyder, 5/6/11

Is it still winter here?


Wow, what a spring, or endless winter I should say.  Has me thinking all the time about sunny places like Mexico, New Mexico, California even Arizona!!  Okay, I have friends in Arizona and would love to come for a visit so I'm getting out my travel planner now and am starting to plot for next winter.  I'll even bring the bar stools there to paint  and keep me company. 


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Entering shows.


Whoa Nelly
I have sent four of my strange pez paintings to Madrid, New Mexico for a miniature show at the Metallo Gallery.  I love that area so I very happy to have some things down that way even if they are small!


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They just keep coming!


#18 tall pug
I tell you, this is the best way to spend these long dreary March days by painting bar stools.  The studio is warm, Taylor and I chatting away, and the colors lift our spirits.  We are up to 29 stools now, just a drop in the bucket but it is happening.  Check them out!!!


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