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Shows ending


Well, the end of the year celebrates a whole year at the Red Door Gallery.  Shari and I had a lot of fun curating the shows we had and now it is time to restart our engines for 2011!!! wow, hard to believe and it is always a hopeful, optimistic time.  Looking for to another grand year.


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ready yet?


wow!  two days left to shop and yes, i am ready...finally...i actually handcrafted some gift certificates for the girls with yoga and cars on them...okay, a easy out for an artist i guess, but hey, if it works go with it, right!!!  happy holidays, cheri


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Getting it done


Red Door Gallery
I have added the Red Door Gallery website to zhibit now!!!  check it out for what is happening at our wonderful gallery in Everett.  Right now it is the Holiday show but starting in January we will be displaying Shari Osti and my artwork again until our next invited artist show in March. 


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What is with all the sharis and cheris and sherrys' All my favorite artists are named shari cheri sherry. There must be something about that name. But congrats on new gallery. That is what it is all about.
-- Sharika Roland, 12/28/10

3rd saturday art walk


wow, hard to believe it is 3rd saturday art walk this weekend!  where does the time go?  i am working on small gouache on paper paintings, hope to have a few framed for the weekend...this picture is of a Tom DeMarse cabinet with Jane Meagher ceramic sculptures...pretty  nice huh...


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