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Red Door Gallery is closing


Heading Home
February will be the last month of the Red Door Gallery.  But as the saying goes, "where a door closes, somewhere a big Golden Window opens", or at least that is my version.  We had a lot of fun with some great shows, fun 3rd Saturday art walks, meeting new people, being open to the public, and it was a wonderful space to create art.  I'll miss it for sure, but this just means I need to focus on creating and sending the work further afield.  Come by this month for discounts on most artwork and a visit.  We're not gone, just not there.  (does that make sense?)  and the title of the painting here is "Heading Home" that does make sense.


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Fun time


Crazy Elephant Toy
The Everett art walk was a lot of fun this last weekend.  We had Seattle Wine Exchange with 6 different wines to taste and purchase along with live flamenco guitar.  Next month we will have a candy tasting so that should be tasty too.....just like Lucy Ricardo and Ethel Mertz...once you taste one you just have to taste them all.


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Time for the Everett Art Walk again!!


Dog with a Problem
Come join us at the Red Door Gallery this Saturday night 4-7pm for Everett Art Walk.  Located at 2829 Wetmore ave. I'll have some new "2011, Small Works"  on display along with my gallery partner, Shari Osti.  We still have work by other artist's friends and the Seattle Wine Exchange will be hosting a wine tasting.  So stop by if it isn't snowing!!!


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back to work


2011~~ i sat in front of the rite aid store waiting for the clock to turn 1:11:11 on 1/1/11...hmm, nothing happened?  maybe i wasn't in the right parking lot?  now it is 1/3/11...times a wasting...


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