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turkey day


well, the turkeys have all left, only rob and i remain....we had fun and no fights to complain about!!!  off to the red door gallery for some sitting, then tomorrow at rock/dement for some sitting...lot's of sitting going on, time to diet....


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getting ready


wow, this year has flown...a lot of artwork has been produced too...right now i am working on small gouache on brown paper paintings for the Rock/Dement Visual Art space December show...we are calling it "misfixed toys"...pretty much a natural theme for me with strange pez and dream pets and all...


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Free Rein Circus Sideshow


My solo show at the Rock/Dement Visual Art Space is about to draw to an end.  Saturday, November 27th from noon-5pm will be the last day to view the show.  Please stop by if you are in Pioneer square, 306 S. Washington St., Seattle...hope to see you there.


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oil painting, acrylic painting, sculpture, public art, new mexico,  horses, landscape

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