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Cleaning out the gallery


red door gallery closing
Wow, where did all this extra stuff come from?  I have glass, grid panels, chairs, paints, magazines, paints and all sorts of little stuff that just seems to multiply on its own.  Does this happen every time one moves into a new space and things start accumulating on it's own?  Okay, I know I had something to do with it but I sure don't remember that part. 


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Updating images


The Tiger Tamer
I tell people that being an artist is like being a one man band...first you think up the idea, then create it, then try to market it, along with all the other things that take up time.  Funny though, it seems to be the marketing part that has become the most important part, otherwise, your work won't be seen?


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And if one doesn't sell her works, how can she justify continuing to produce, produce, produce?
-- Chris Chennault, 2/22/11

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