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Getting Ready


Loading up the Truck
Here is a shot of what I do a lot!  Loading up the truck with artwork.  Summertime is festival time.  This July,  I'll be at Bainbridge in Bloom and the Loganberry Festival on Whidbey Island.  I enjoy setting up shop, meeting new people in beautiful settings, sell artwork and have a good time.  If you're in the area stop by!


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What a great shot, your stools look fabulous!
-- Jenny, 7/2/11

Luv your profile pic, Cheri! Have a great time at the island festivities. I am wishing you great weather.
-- Stacie Kentop, 6/29/11

Loooove the bar stools!!
-- Carol, 6/28/11

The Sun is Shining


Naked Sole
Well, it looks as if summer is going to come calling after all.  I have been working on a variety of projects.  This is one of my gouache paintings from my 'Flat Fish' series that I am working on.  I plan on doing at least twenty.  I am up to 67 painted bar stools.   I finished my two glass enamel painted vases so even though with all the complaining about the bad weather here I still am able to get some things done.  I wonder what my production output would be in sunny weather? 


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My Studio Corner


I have a new, okay, well actually old metal desk in my studio that I love.  As you can see, I can get quite a bit of artwork on top of it and under it but more, importantly, it is a wonderful space to work on plus I have my window sills free for all my other important stuff.   Oh, and in case you are wondering, I keep the Dream Pets up out of the sun so they won't fade. 


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