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Miss Mabel Picks a Pony

Miss Mabel Picks a Pony
Miss Mabel Picks a Pony

SOLD!Miss Mabel Picks a Pony is inspired by the cowgirls of the Southwest of which I have always wanted to be a part of.  She is quite a confident gal able in all regards.  48 x 36 acrylic on canvas.  You can view Ms. Mabel at Cafe Greco in Santa Fe, NM.

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Cheri, I love the Southwest influence on your new work. It has all the brilliance of your old work which is now overlaid with a fresh - fun vibe. I look forward to what will come next.
-- Duane Kirby Jensen, 5/23/13

oil painting, acrylic painting, sculpture, public art, new mexico,  horses, landscape

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