Cheri O'Brien Cheri O'Brien
Contemporary Narrative Folk Artist, Fine Art, Oil Painting and Sculpture

Work on Paper

Work on Paper
I love your work!
-- Leslie Lechner-Salemi, 12/21/14

This is a great series -loaded with fun..
-- Duane Kirby Jensen, 12/21/14

I love them.
-- Leslie Braschler Buell, 9/20/14

who cares about Morris Graves and Mark Tobey. You are here now and you are fabulous.
-- Sharika Roland, 5/7/14

I like your quote, "humor in beauty & the beauty of humor". Thanks.
-- Inger Knudsen McGee Hutton, 5/6/14

Very nice. I'm a big fan of both Graves and Martin too. Next time you're in I'll show you some books with their stuff. I'm sure you've seen some of them but I've probably got some you've not seen.
-- Doug Gemmell, 6/15/12

These are wild!
-- Nancy F Kiefer, 4/22/11

oil painting, acrylic painting, sculpture, public art, new mexico,  horses, landscape

 Cheri O'Brien • Seattle, WA425-308-2061
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