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Contemporary Narrative Folk Artist, Fine Art, Oil Painting and Sculpture


Beautiful, Cheri!!
-- Amy Sansotta, 8/30/17

You are so talented! Love these! Love you
-- Molly Butler, 8/30/17

Love the mission ones especially!
-- Cheryle Earnheart, 8/30/17

At the Art Institute today. Marsden Hartley's landscapes reminded me of your work. Lovely b
-- Lori Preston, 6/11/14

I know that view. I love the way you capture it, Cheri!
-- Brenda Hartman, 5/16/14

My favs.
-- Joy Miller, 5/16/14

-- Rebecca Potter Dickinson, 5/16/14

my favs...
-- Sandy Connor, 5/16/14

-- Gary Molyneaux, 5/16/14

I know these places and these are wonderful!!
-- Theresa Sturm, 5/16/14

These are so great!!
-- Shelley Titus Squires, 5/15/14

-- Amy Van D, 5/15/14

Love that view and love my Cheri paintings of that view!!
-- Reg Akright, 5/5/13

These are spectacular, Cheri! Thanks for sharing them!!!
-- Diane Carlson Williams, 3/27/11

I can see the sno. river resemblence as seen from your home. I loved taking my boat up that river exploring, I have gone from marysville to snohomish many times.
-- Matt Fish, 3/27/11

beautiful-we hare the same passion for the Snohomish at Lowell except my media is photography
-- Gary Purves, 3/27/11

oil painting, acrylic painting, sculpture, public art, new mexico,  horses, landscape

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