Cheri O'Brien Cheri O'Brien
Contemporary Narrative Folk Artist, Fine Art, Oil Painting and Sculpture

New studio space

New studio space
Just perusing this again, do you mean THE George R.R. Martin of GOT? Cool I still love your works old and new! They make me happy.
-- Linda Knight, 6/24/15

Mui bueno, Cheri!
-- Marlene Blessing, 2/9/15

Sooo cool Cheri!! Congrats to you!!
-- Molly Butler, 2/9/15

Cheri, you have always been an inspiration to me.
-- Mary Molyneaux, 2/9/15

Congrats. Love the paintings.. and the wall color.. and your positive enthusiasm (which carries over into your work).
-- Debbie Natelson, 2/9/15

I signed up on your website cuz and added comments there! I submitted it last night.
-- Cat Idaho Red, 2/9/15

-- Brie Sansotta, 2/9/15

Its so bright! Yee haa
-- Lisa Spreacker, 2/8/15

Love it!
-- Linda Knight, 2/8/15

can't wait to see what happens !!!
-- Janie Olsen, 2/8/15

oil painting, acrylic painting, sculpture, public art, new mexico,  horses, landscape

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